Monday, October 28, 2013

My Introduction

From the popular words of Rodgers and Hammerstein I'm going to start at the beginning because it is a very good place to start!

My name is Mary Hanna. I am in my second year in high school and I am currently home schooled. I love being home schooled.   It has opened many doors that would otherwise not be opened if I was in public school. 

My friends call me a hipster because my favorite music, movies, books etc. are all vintage. I love all things British and there is nothing that I like better than to sit, read, and drink a cup of earl grey.

I have a passion for politics takes over my life most of the time. I'm usually all over the state of NC to one political event to the next.  I like being busy and when I'm not, there is something wrong. 

I am a sinner and it us by the grace of God that I live everyday. I am nothing but a lost girl looking for her father trying to seek and find him in all things. 

So that's my introduction in a nutshell! Hope you enjoy my posts!

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