Monday, May 19, 2014

The Civilized and Distinguished Movement of the Future

     A few weeks ago I was cleaning my room and I decided that I wanted to listen to some talk radio to accompany me while I was working. I walked over to to the radio and turned it to the local conservative radio station and heard a man (that shall remain nameless)yelling and cussing about how the affordable healthcare act would devastate the country. Since listening to such things give me a headache I switched it over to NPR. This radio station was doing an oral history project. At the moment they were interviewing a retired marine and his experiences while being enlisted. Next they interviewed an artist from New York about his upcoming gallery of portraits.

     Notice the difference between radio stations. One was wholesome and one was not. I would rather listen to a radio station that benefited to my knowledge than hear a conservative yell and cuss about current events. This one way I feel that we as conservatives are moving backward. I  don't feel comfortable as a young person I should listen to such things on the radio. My point in this is not that we should all listen to NPR. It is that conservatives need to realize that their ranting and yelling doesn't attract young people. It just makes them more disgusted. I know that the state of things is bad, there is no need to make such a fuss about it. It doesn't change anything.

In order to win back this generation we need to act more distinguished and civilized. Please join me in making this possible!